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March 2017

This web site is a collection of pages that document my experience with these amazing cars. My experience has been pretty varied with 944s. I started off in San Antonio, Texas in early 2001 doing a fix-up which became a fairly major restoration over the remainder of the year. After a break of 6 months or so I resumed the work and got the car on the road in a running state  in November 2002. A number of events led to a shift in focus and I started to become more involved in track work with the car. After several track events the car had a major setback with an engine fire at Texas World Speedway in Spring of 2003. The fire led to another period of repair, restoration and improvement for the car that would keep it off the road for a good portion of 2003. In late 2003 the 944 was rebuilt sufficiently to get it back on the track and I was able to participate in several events at TWS until Feb 04 when the car had to be prepared for shipping back to Adelaide, Australia at the conclusion of my posting to the USA in March 04.

So the car has been through several phases of restoration  and the focus or primary use of the car has evolved along the way. These phases have mean that the car has transitioned from being a junk car to a street car to street-track car. In South Australia the road laws do not permit the car to be road registered and so it has been further developed as a track car.

Throughout the development of my 944 I have learned a great deal and tried a variety of technologies and approaches to tuning, suspension, reliability  and safety, Since circumstances resulted in me getting to know the 944 far better than I had ever anticipated, I decided to document everything I did and make the lessons available to others who have an interest.

Here the car is back at the track after the fire

Feb 2005

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Feb 2005: 1985 Normally Aspirated 944 joins the family. We found this car with a blown ring & pinion gear in it's transmission however our spare 944 Turbo transmission soon fixed that problem and got the car back on the road.

Aug 2006

Aug  2006: Reality settles in. The 951 is not going to be a road car in Australia so despite having spent a bunch of time restoring it to a nice road going condition whilst in the US, its now time to gut it and set it up as a track only car. The weight reduction program has begun and 400lbs have come out of the car so far. Since the plan is to retain the steel panels and glass rather than substitute composite parts I expect that the car will weigh in around 2500lbs in track trim with cage and safety gear. The Haltech tuning continues (naturally) and had the car pulling hard last time out at Mallala with a 3sec drop in laptimes before the weight reduction started. Primary focus will now be on an appropriate suspension setup since power, weight and brakes are now up to spec.The web has been updated with a new page to document the new phase of work which is the 4th phase of development. Phase IV: The Track    

Jun 2007: The latest addition to the garage is a reasonably low mileage stock 1986 944 Turbo. The car is originally a UK delivered RHD model, It was brought to Australia (QLD) by an Aussie who lived in the UK for a while and from him it has now found its way to us. leaving us with an 85 Aussie 944, 86 UK 951 and 87 US 951. LINK to Updates on this car

Aug 2006: Well that was short lived. Our 944 NA has been rear ended and we are back to 1 track 951 and one road going 951.

Dec 2009 - England

Well now we have left Australia again and moved to the UK for a few years. The 86 951 has been sold and replaced with a 2002 996 C2 to enjoy for the first part of our UK tour. This is a 3.6 Tiptronic S with a nice range of factory options plus a sports exhaust & suspension. It definitely has a few more creature comforts than the 944! Driving wise time will tell how it compares, in the mean time... it sounds nice.


Oct 2010 - England

Originally we had planned to send the black 996 back to Australia but that plan has changed recently. The new plan involves an older car that we'll take back and hang onto. Whilst we had always intended to keep the black car very original for re-sale purposes, we have a different plan involving a variety of modifications for the new car.  Emmy Web Page The web page provides details on the work I am doing to this car in order to (hopefully) provide us with a reliable and well handling car over it's future with us.

2013 Sydney Australia

In Dec 2012 we moved from the UK to Sydney Australia and the 996 arrived in Jan 2013. The 996 has been largely de-modified from its aggressive track configuration that worked so well in Europe. This has been a necessary step to achieve Australian road rule compliance and a more forgiving ride for the longer road trips I am doing now. The other two pics are me and the 996 at the inaugural Rennsport Australia event held in Sydney in May 2013.  996 Web Page

2017 Sydney Australia


March 2017 I didn't do much with my Porsches in 2015/16 but 2017 has started out very much in the Porsche domain, back to my roots in fact. The 951 is being brought back to life after sitting idle for a long time. It's an interesting thing to do because my driving experience has changed and the yellow 951 hasn't been updated for 10 years. Since she is a track only car I am focusing on addressing what I considered to be long standing constraints on her performance. Mainly a tired LSD and tall gearing. However there are some other things I've begun to do as well. I'll build a new page for the current round of work on the 951 since there are some interesting things I've learned, re-learned, corrected and planned for the car in the next 18 months.


My 1987 944 Turbo

April 2001 - This is where I started from, a 1987 944 Turbo which had been neglected and consequently had many problems and failures.

The Web page is split up into sections as per the links below. The phases of its life (so far) are documented in the restoration page, the fire page and the modifications page.


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