Useful Articles for 944's

Here are various articles I found on the web that were useful for a 944 specific problem or just for driving and cars in general. These were produced by various folks including myself and the authors should be listed in the articles.

Boost Faults

Brakes - general info

Corner Weighting

DME Fuel Management

Exhaust Popping

Foglight Modification

Hatch Glass Repair

Engine Running-In Procedure

Manual Boost Control with Stock Wastegate

Heel and Toe Gear Changes

Sunroof operation and gear repair

Torsion Bar installation procedure

Tuning the Link Electrosystems MAP system

Fuel system fault diagnosis



vac4.jpg (101644 bytes) avcrsetup.jpg (99468 bytes)    

Intercooler Inlet/Outlet Size 2 3/8 (60mm)

Intercooler pipes 2.25" (57mm)

K26-6 Outlet 2 " (51mm)

K26-6 Inlet 2" (51mm)

Throttle Inlet 2.75" (70mm)







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